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10/5 Mapmakers formed in 1999 to create levels for the Windows 95 port of Marathon 2 by Bungie. Using the Windows map editor OBED and the Macintosh tools Forge and Anvil, they created cross-platform multiplayer and single-player levels for their favorite shooter. While they don't create maps any more, this site remains, and continues to be updated, in order to provide maps for the Aleph One community, as well as information for OBED users. Nowadays, you can play our levels for free using Aleph One (as well as play the original Marathon trilogy, which has been released for free, too!).

Without further ado, the original introduction to the site:

You put in that half gold, half black CD, and you really didn't know what to expect did you? Well it opened your eyes, didn't it? However you first got your taste of Marathon; legitimate purchase, shareware, sampler CD, catalog giveaway, you probably can acknowledge how Marathon is the pinnacle of first-person carnage. It's not a 3d-hardware-intensive-how-the-HELL-do-I-aim-up? polygon killer, but it's not an ultra-pixilated-warp-speed-on-a-Pentium II Doom brain softener. Marathon is a genre unto itself. If you don't already have the trilogy, get it. If you're PC, get Marathon 2, it'll be the best $9.95 you've ever spent. Now with that out of the way we can talk about Marathon maps. For 10/5, playing Marathon on a network is a sacrament on par with mass. You'll never see any of us happier than when we've pulled the perfect shot with a SPNKR from across the lava pit. So most of 10/5's maps are Net, but we do have some dang-fine solos you shouldn't pass up. Our goal with the Marathon section is double: first, we want to help everyone out there with the game and interested in making maps and having them posted; Second we want to provide those PC people with all the opportunities that the Macs have. For the latter reason almost all of the maps on this site are compatible with the PC Marathon 2, a service we insist upon like no other site. So please, come in and enjoy the experience that is Marathon.

-10/5 Mapmakers

Another Update! The OBED FAQ has been ressurected in an attempt to help out all those struggling Aleph One mappers!

Update! We have some new wallpapers designed to fit in with MacOS X (and aqua-styled WinXP themes). Enjoy! All wallpapers are in 1600x1200 resolution but you can resize them. There are a few different versions to suit your preference, and your icon contrast levels.

Marathon Wallpaper - White Background
White Background
Marathon Wallpaper - Pinstripe Background
Pinstripe Background
Marathon Wallpaper - Swoosh Background
MacOS Merge
Marathon Wallpaper - Graphite Swoosh Background

There are also versions of "MacOS Merge" available as backgrounds for Sony Ericsson T610 and Nokia 6682 cell phones.

Also, be sure to check out the The 10/5 Radio Ad in Flash! It's cool! Turn out the lights and turn up your speakers...